It is generally agreed that the amount of rubbish created by humans today is a worldwide problem. What do you think are the main causes of this situation? What measures can be used to tackle the problem?

The increase of rubbish is a very big problem in the world because it pollutes the earth and it sometimes destroys the ecologic balance. For example in some parts of the Pacific Ocean there is a huge rubbish area (Garbage Patch) as big as my country and this kills animals and destroys the food chain. Consequently it might cause a problem for human beings. So to solve this problem, we have to think about what the causes are and what the solutions could be.

The first reason is egoism of each country. Especially countries like the USA, that  don't care about other countries' environment and sell a lot of stuff that is not environmentally friendly just to earn money. They even throw away their toxic rubbish in under-developed countries or neighbour countries like Mexico.

Secondly, commercial and people's greed (desire to have some products) can be a cause resulting in an increase in the amount of rubbish created. Most companies advertise their products through the media and people who aren't educated to control their desire want to buy every good though it is not necessary to them. They just want to show off by using expensive and good products.

Lastly, people's willing to follow government policy like recycling is too weak. For example a government may prepare all of infrastructure to recycle the rubbish, like recycling bin and recycling factories but if people don't recycle the rubbish, the government policy can be useless

Now, it's time to think about solving these problems. To stop or regulate the companies' or countries' egoism we have to create some organisation like WTO. If a country sells non-environmentally frendly products and throw away their rubbish to the sea or in another country, they have to be regulated and got some disadvantage not to do that and there has to be no exception to developed-countries.
And to make people follow government policy and to buy proper stuff, the government have to educate their people through the schools and the media. Because that is the reason of the existance of a government. They have to protect not only their sovereignty but also the environment and the whole globe.


Recent decades have witnessed a significant increase in the amount of rubbish produced by people around the world, causing a serious threat to all living things. It has been pointed out that changes in lifestyle and the industrial revolution are the main causes for this rise. However, there are many steps that can be taken to stop this problem.

After the industrial revolution there was a huge growth in the number of products available for people. Most of the producers try to attract consumers by using different types of packaging materials. Sometimes, the size and the amount of these materials are bigger than those for the products themselves. Also the production of new versions of different equipment, such as mobile phones, increases the waste.

Moreover, while most people, in the past, used their own bags when they went for shopping, nowadays, they depend on the disposable bags offered by shops, which are mostly made from plastic. In addition to that, the consumption of prepared food has experienced a crucial increase as a result to the rise in the number of working women. These foods are covered by different types of packaging material leading to increase in the amount of rubbish produced per capita.

Not only does the increases in the amount of rubbish threaten our lives by different pollutants, but it also causes depletion of valuable resources, For this reason there should be a new movement to decrease the amount of waste to its lowest level and to use less harmful materials like biodegradable ones. Governmental and social organisations like schools and media, should contribute to this process by explaining to people the important of conserving our environment and resources.

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